WiMAX chipset market to be driven by mobile PCs through 2012
  ◆ WiMAX chipset market to be driven by mobile PCs through 2012
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United States – Embedded Mobile WiMAX in mobile PCs will drive the emerging WiMAX chipset market through 2012, reports In-Stat. Wider uptake of WiMAX customer premise equipment (CPE), external clients and dual-mode cellular/WiMAX handsets will further bolster the growth.
The total WiMAX user terminal chipset market will reach nearly $500 million in 2012, growing from $27 million in 2007, noted In-Stat. The WiMAX base station semiconductor revenues are expected to be approximately $1.4 billion in 2012, compared to $130 million in 2007.
Intel's combination Mobile WiMAX and Wi-Fi Echo Peak module, which will launch as an option to its Montevina mobile processor platform release in 2008, is expected to drive the adoption of embedded WiMAX into mobile PCs.
Several chipset companies, completely focused on the Mobile WiMAX market, are expected to commercially release products in 2008. These suppliers include Altair, Amicus, ApaceWave, Comsys, NextWave, Redpine Signals and XROnet. The major players in the user terminal chipset space in 2007 were Sequans, Intel, Beceem, Runcom and GCT Semiconductor.
In-Stat reports solid gains in 2007 for WiMAX Radio Frequency IC (RFIC) chip vendors such as Maxim, PMC-Sierra, NXP, and Analog Devices. Other notable WiMAX radio chip vendors include Sierra Monolithics, Atmel, and AsicAhead. The WiMAX base station semiconductor market is dominated by picoChip, TI, Freescale, Sequans and Runcom.
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