LED lamp has waterproof housing, meiobar insulation
  ◆ LED lamp has waterproof housing, meiobar insulation
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China (mainland) – Model A-E27-153001-SD36 from Shenzhen Quantum Optoelectronic Co. Ltd is a LED lamp that features a waterproof housing and meiobar insulation, and is suitable for use in underwater, as well as for dance hall, office and home, shop window, bar and saloon lighting applications. It is available in white, red (R), yellow (Y), green (G) and blue (B), and features 150lm to 350lm, 100lm to 180lm, 100lm to 180lm, 200lm to 240lm and 30lm to 80lm luminous flux, respectively. It has 6,000K to 7,000K color temperature and 620nm to 630nm (R), 585nm to 595nm (Y), 520nm to 530nm (G) and 465nm to 475nm (B) wavelengths.
Each CE-approved unit comes with a built-in heatsink and radiator, and operates in temperatures within –40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. It requires 10V to 24V DC or 110V to 220V AC power supply and provides 5W, 8W or 10W output power.
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